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Current forecast (24-48 hours)

This forecast from the reputable service is the only good forecast that we can freely reproduce here. Other freely copyable forecasts can be found on the web, but these are often forecast from the USA and are not therefore interpreted based on local knowledge.

1-5 day forecasts

Forecasts for a few days ahead are also available on the Weather and AccuWeather websites. Don't forget that forecast reliability inevitably falls off rapidly the further ahead the forecast period. Confidence for days 4 and beyond is usually low.

One valuable further source of local 5-day forecasts is the meteorological branch of the US Air Force, which generates forecasts for all of the main USAF bases, including Mildenhall/Lakenheath. This even includes separate forecasts for AM and PM periods.

Longer term forecasts


Long range forecasting, ie covering a monthly or seasonal period, is a topic that fascinates many people. But, despite the contrary claims of many perpetrators of such forecasts, they remain very difficult to generate with any real degree of accuracy whatsoever. There are a number of so-called forecasters, some quite well-known, whose websites trade on the public innocence about long-range prediction but which exist either to boost their author's ego or simply for unscrupulous financial gain. Such forecasts are almost entirely worthless and are not listed here. However, there are a few organisations and individuals with the required professional scientific background who do generate technically credible longer range forecasts. These are often still less than accurate, but do represent genuine forecasting efforts, founded on principles of established scientific practice.

Longer range forecasts

Credible seasonal forecasts are few and far between. Even those that do exist are often prepared on an occasional basis only. Winter seems to be the most popular season for weather enthusiasts and so winter forecasts issued in eg October or November are the most common. Details will be added here when available.